Karma and Internet Marketing (They DO Go Hand in Hand)

Over the weekend I went to Iowa to visit family. While there I met with my sister’s boss at her dance studio to go over her website and see if she could do anything to improve the qualified traffic coming in (there is ALWAYS something we can do).

We covered a lot of areas, but one thing stood out to me above all things and it had little to do with on-site optimizations, link building, or any other area one could consider “online marketing”. At the same time, I feel it is of vital importance to any site owner; especially in this day and age of short attention spans and sensationalism.

It is Karma.

Karma is a Bitch in Internet Marketing

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And just like Mr. Beaver found out, Karma is a bitch.

As I was speaking to the owner of the dance studio we got to taking about some of her competition in town. One in particular seemed to be giving her problems; doing things like badmouthing the studio on Facebook, spreading rumors outside of the Interwebs and BUYING A DOMAIN WITH A SIMILAR NAME (seriously) just to spite the owner.

She could have sued the other studio since they had the name registered (which I totally would have done), but decided it would be a good time to change their name and expand what they offer. She also took the high road and refused to get caught up with the social media banter.

And just like in real life, after a time all of the bad energy from the other studio caught up with them. Currently people are coming to the “good” studio and even stating the other studio’s bad vibes as a reason.

Even on the Interwebs, being nice pays off.

Bottom line: Believe in Karma. Even on Facebook.

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