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The 8 Fold Marketing Path Part 3: Right Intention

This is the third in a series of 9 blog posts on Zen Search Marketing discussing the use of the 8 Fold Path philosophy in search marketing efforts.This series of blogs is by no means endorsing any religious viewpoint. In Buddhism, Right Intention is best described as a commitment to improvement, whether that improvement is [...]

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The Physics of Online Marketing

If you’re a geek like me there is a good chance your interest falls outside of the world of online marketing and into other areas, such as science. For me, the area I find most intriguing is physics. I devour books on the subject probably more-so than anything to do with SEO, PPC and other [...]

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Google Enhanced Campaigns | Don’t Believe the Hype

If you are in the online marketing community and haven’t heard of Google’s new Enhanced Campaigns that will be rolled out in Beta shortly to a few “lucky” marketers and then to everyone around the June timeframe you have likely been in a coma or are living under a rock (if you actually just woke [...]

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Google adWords Set to Nix Demographic Bidding Option on March 21, 2012

For one reason or another Google has decided to remove the demographic bidding option on March 21, 2012. This may not be big news for many people, being that the option was pretty elusive and most people didn’t even know about  it, but it does leave me wondering why? Instead of nixing the whole thing, [...]

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